Guitar Lessons

Anyone can learn to play the guitar. Your age and previous experience don’t matter. Because of this, all you need is a guitar and the desire to learn! When you sign up, we’ll design a custom syllabus around your goals and needs. At the Gryphon Music Academy, our motto is “Turning players into musicians”. Because of this, we will encourage you to learn music theory and songwriting in addition to learning how to play.

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Guitar Repairs and Set-Ups

Is your guitar in need of some TLC? Has it had the same strings on for longer than you can remember? Did something break? We can take care of most of your guitar or bass issues. With over 12 years experience, you can rest assured that your gear is safe with us.

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Gear Advice

Buying your first instrument can be a bit overwhelming.┬áDo you know what you’re looking for or how to tell if something is good value for money? We have put together a few guides to help you when buying your first instrument. So, whether you’re looking for a guitar, or bass, or keyboard or drum kit, we’ve got the buyers guide for you!

First Time Buyers Guides

Book Lessons

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