Guitar Lessons

Anyone can learn to play the guitar. Your age and previous experience don’t matter. Because of this, all you need is a guitar and the desire to learn! When you sign up, we’ll design a custom syllabus around your goals and needs. At the Gryphon Music Academy, our motto is “Turning players into musicians”. Because of this, we will encourage you to learn music theory and songwriting in addition to learning how to play.

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Guitar Repairs and Set-Ups

Warwick has been working as a professional guitar tech for 12 years. He has worked as the official in-house guitar tech for Paul Bothner Music, as well as backstage at the Woodstock Music Festival with the likes of Mean Mr.Mustard, Cutting Jade, Springbok Nude Girls to name a few. If he can’t fix your guitar, he’ll know the right person who can!

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Gear Advice

Want to buy a guitar but don’t know where to start? Seen a guitar for sale and not sure if you should buy it? Have a guitar laying around at home that you’re not sure if it’s any good? Just ask us and we’ll help you out! In the meantime, read our Guitar Buyers¬†guide for an in-depth look at what you should look for, and what you should avoid!

Guitar Buyers Guide

Book Lessons

To book some lessons, drop us a mail