Chad Browne

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Chad started music young with piano at the age of 10, sadly it never really stuck and didn’t progress too far until he discovered guitar at the age of 14, which he didn’t really take seriously until the age of 16 upon receiving his first electric guitar and hearing Joe Satriani for the first time.

After this period he did a brief stint learning classical, but soon shifted focus to the styles of music his heroes played, namely rock oriented shred guitar, as the years went on his tastes became more eclectic, likewise with the styles being incorporated into his playing, affording him much versatility, this versatility has gotten him a few lucky breaks including playing in a run of the successful theatre show “Rock Evolution” and also acting as a hired gun for a local pop act which afforded him the opportunity to play at the KKNK and a morning appearance on national T.V with the Expresso show. Chad is currently active as the guitarist in the progressive metal band Zero Stroke, and online creating ambient theme music under the handle GrimShark.


Rock, Blues, Pop, Metal, Fusion, Gypsy Jazz, Shred, Progressive and Contemporary Acoustic.