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Guitar Lessons Cape Town: Why You Should Learn an Instrument

Well done on your decision to take up guitar lessons! Whether you’re looking for lessons for yourself or you’re looking for lessons for a loved one, you are about to embark on a brand new journey.

Yes, that journey into guitar lessons can be scary and daunting, but it is also incredibly exciting!

You are about to learn a new skill. One that has proven time and time again to be an aid to learning and cognitive improvements.

What does that mean for you? Not only will you get smarter by playing the guitar, but you’ll look awesome doing it! Now is the time to switch into high gear, and unlock your full potential.

Moreover, you will learn to express yourself in a unique way. If you’re having a rough day, playing the guitar will calm you down. If you’re having a great day, the guitar will help you celebrate and express that. Learning to play an instrument has no drawbacks! So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re already sold on why you should take up guitar lessons, [click here] to get into contact, or [click here] to find out more information.

Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lessons

At the Gryphon Music Academy, we can teach you to play guitar or bass, even if you’ve never played an instrument before.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. We’ve had students from as young as 6 start playing the guitar, and from as old as 76! If you have the desire to learn, you can learn.

Beginners will all start out learning more or less the same things. The basics for learning to play the guitar are the same, regardless of style or genre or age.

Most students will learn to read guitar specific notion, known as tablature or tabs for short. If you would prefer to learn to read traditional music notation, we can accommodate you with pleasure.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

So, you’ve been playing the guitar for some time, and you want to improve your chops?

You know all your chords, you can play most of the scales and modes, but there is still something lacking from your playing? Do you feel as though you’re missing something?

Each student is treated as an individual at the Gryphon Music Academy. So, instead of teaching you a boilerplate lesson style, we will design a syllabus tailored to your needs.

If you want to play Iron Maiden, we’ll teach you metal. Let’s assume you want to play some Adele, we’ll teach you pop. And if you want to learn Justin Bieber, we’ll teach you, Iron Maiden

What does that mean for you?

Put simply, if you want to play Jazz, you’ll learn Jazz. If you want to play Iron Maiden, we’ll teach you metal. Let’s assume you want to play some Adele, we’ll teach you pop. And if you want to learn Justin Bieber, we’ll teach you, Iron Maiden.

All joking aside, we will teach you what you want to learn!

Advanced Guitar Lessons

If you are an advanced student who is looking to clean up your playing, we’ll be able to help with that as well. Often, we can be blind to our own flaws in our playing. So, having an experienced teacher watch you play could reveal things you weren’t even aware of.

These can be little things like your picking technique or the way that you fret chords. A lot of advanced techniques can be counter intuitive, and having a trained eye on your playing can help elevate you to the next level.

Music Theory Lessons

Our motto is Turning players into musicians.

What does that mean?

Simply put, there is more to being a musician than playing an instrument. A well-rounded musician will be able to identify what they are playing, know how the structure of a song works and have the knowledge to be able to write a song.

All this can come as a result of music theory lessons.

Music Theory Lessons

Improving your music theory will do more than just teach you the notes of music though. You can also improve your ear and your ability to work out music by ear, simply by improving your knowledge of music theory.

Think about it like this; if you’ve never tasted basil before, you won’t be able to identify the flavour in a stew or a soup. But, if you often work with basil, you know the taste, the smell and how it interacts with other flavours, then you’ll be able to create wonderful things with it.

Just like a chef would take the time to practice and improve their palate, so should you as a musician. Take time, learn some theory, and improve your musical palate.

Frequently Asked Question About Guitar Lessons

Do I need my own guitar?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. Put simply, yes, yes you do need your own guitar.

Without a guitar, you won’t be able to practice at home, and this will dramatically slow down your progress. While you could use one of our guitars in class, you would still be wasting your time. Without regular practice, you will not be getting your monies worth from the lessons.

Can I use your guitar in class?

This is a tricky one. Yes, if you need to you can use one of our spare guitars, but we don’t advise it.

Playing during a lesson can be tricky. At home, you don’t have anyone watching you, whereas in class you will be watched. This can cause you to make mistakes you wouldn’t otherwise make.

Now, if you add a guitar that you are not comfortable with into the mix, you are far more likely to make mistakes. This can be frustrating and lead to an unproductive start to the lesson. And yes, you’ll settle into it quickly enough, it isn’t the ideal scenario.

Am I too old?

I don’t know, is it too loud? In all seriousness though, no, you are not too old.

…But I have arthritis

If that’s the case, start playing the guitar right away! Studies have shown that playing an instrument can offer relief to people suffering from arthritis. You may not be able to play fast, but you will be able to play.

Is my guitar good enough?

Without seeing your guitar, it is impossible to say. Bring it in for an assessment and we’ll check it ours for you.

If it needs repairs, we can happily assist you in that regard as well.

I played guitar years ago, will I be able to pick it up again?

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s like riding a bike”?. Same thing applies here. You will be rusty, but you’ll pick it up again in no time.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, playing guitar will improve your life in more ways than you can imagine. There is nothing stopping you from playing, except yourself. Why not overcome whatever is holding you back, and start playing today?


3 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons Cape Town: Why You Should Learn an Instrument

  1. hi,

    Were can I get one on one guitar lessons? I have been playing for years but have never fully evolved enough to hold my own in a full gig setup.

    some friends and myself are embarking on getting a full set going and I need some guidance and tuitoring.

    1. Hi there Doepie

      Thanks for your message! I’m glad to hear that you’re getting a full set together. Learning a new set is always exciting 😀

      All of the lessons we offer are one on one. I’ll send you an email with all the details about lessons, and maybe set something up.


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