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Guitar Repairs and Set-Ups in Cape Town

Is there something not right with your guitar or bass? Are you looking for Guitar Repairs? Well then, we can help! 

You shouldn’t be expected to be able to do your own guitar repairs or set-ups any more than you should be expected to change the oil in your car yourself! Even some of the easiest jobs can be time consuming. Sure, putting new strings on your guitar can be easy enough, but if you’re really busy, why not get someone to do it for you?

We offer restringing, set-ups and repairs to most brands and types of guitars. And in the rare cases where a job is beyond us? We will arrange to have your guitar sent to the Paul Bothner Music service department.

Guitar Repairs


Rates are R250 per hour for most jobs. For set-up work we charge a flat rate of R400 for a standard guitar or R700 for a Floyd Rose guitar. Our turnaround time is roughly two to three days. Yes, we can finish on the same day; but we like to play the guitar the day after a set-up to ensure that everything has settled properly.

The price of strings is not included in the fee’s. For strings, you have two options. First, you can bring us your strings, this will of course mean that there is no additional charge. Your second option is that we will provide the strings. We’re not out to make a profit on the strings, so we will charge you our cost price for them.

On the odd occasion an unexpected cost might arise. In the event of an unexpected additional cost, we will contact you immediately to get the go ahead before doing any work.

Guitar Repair Lessons

If you would like to learn how to do your own guitar repairs, we can teach you! You will learn everything from how to set your intonation to the perfect curve for your neck. And to make things even better for you, we’ll teach you on your guitar. So you will learn everything you need to keep your guitar in pristine condition and how to tweak it for your own personal playing style,

Repair Lessons are charged at R500 per hour. If you would like to book repair lessons, please contact us.

About Warwick, The Guitar Tech

Warwick has been working on guitars since 2005. His first job as a technician was as the in-house guitar tech for Paul Bothner Music in Plumstead. He has worked on thousands of guitars over the years and has done tech work at music festivals as well as being the official tech for a few local bands.

Warwick has worked backstage as the guitar tech for the Woodstock Music Festival and has worked with acts like Mean Mr Mustard, Cutting Jade and the Spring Bok Nude Girls, to name but a few.

If you’re looking for high quality repair work, Warwick is your guy!

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