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Guitar Lessons: Music Lessons Cape Town

Are you looking for guitar and music lessons in Cape Town? Good on you! Yes, finding the right teacher isn’t always easy, but at the Gryphon Music Academy we have a great success rate. 

If you’re not sure about taking up music lessons, then you should read [this] article. It discusses our lessons in depth. It covers topics like, are you too old to play guitar, and what the benefits of playing guitar are.

If you want to start your journey into music, or if you’re just looking to improve what you already know, then [contact us] today!

Music Lessons

Lesson days and times

Unfortunately we do not offer music lessons over the weekends. The school operates from Monday to Friday, and is open from 14:00 until 19:30.

More about Music Lessons at the Gryphon Music Academy

Lessons are tailored specifically to each student. That’s right! No set and rigid syllabus, no forcing you to learn about Opera! (That is of course unless you like Opera).

Regardless of what style you play, or your level of proficiency we will design your course around you! Each student is unique, with their own goals and dreams. We will treat you as such.

We will go at your pace, with a constant line of communication open between the teacher and the student. If you are finding the pace to be too tough, we’ll slow it down. Alternatively, if you are finding the pace to be too slow, we can speed it up.

In addition to all that, we will focus on the genres and styles you like.  Of course we’ll suggest styles you might like, but at the end of the day, if you’re not digging it, we’ll drop if from your work load!

So, if you’re looking to play acoustic pop songs, blues, a few songs around the camp fire or learn to shred, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Gryphon Music Academy.

If you want to learn Led Zepplin, you’ll learn Led Zepplin. If you want to learn Taylor Swift, you’ll learn Taylor Swift. And of course, if you want to learn Justin Beiber, you’ll learn Led Zepplin.

The youngest age we’ll start at is 6, and we’ve had students as old as 72. All you require is a guitar, passion for music and the desire to learn.


Lessons are charged at R600 per month with a once off registration fee of R100. The registration fee will cover all your notes and files.


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